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National Assessment Sweden: Age 20 - 30 Prepared by: Barrett Values Centre March, 2011.

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1 National Assessment Sweden: Age Prepared by: Barrett Values Centre March, 2011

2 Personal & Current Culture Alignment – Values Matches: 3 or more. People are able to bring themselves to work People are somewhat able to bring themselves to work. 0. People are not able to bring themselves to work. Look to blue values in Desired Culture for guidance, if any. Current & Desired Culture Alignment – Values Matches: 6 or more. Excellent, strong, healthy culture 4-5, good. Group is on the right track. 2-3, fair. Group is somewhat on the right track. More work needs to be done. 0-1, poor. Group is unhappy or frustrated, wants to see changes or take a new direction. Limiting Values: 0. This group does not operate from the basis of fear May be some element of fear behind how decisions are made or how people are managed. 3+. Fear is a factor in how this group operates or is managed. National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) NEW VALUES TO FOCUS ON Any Desired Culture values shown in black, in this case arbetstillfällen, välfungerande sjukvård, ekonomisk stabilitet, ansvar för kommande generationer, jämlikhet, hållbar utveckling, bevarande av naturen, omsorg om de utsatta and mänskliga rättigheter are entirely new requests. They do not show in the Personal or Current Culture. To what extent are these values positive new requests, or maybe a reaction to something that is not happening or is unhealthy in the Current Culture? What themes do you notice with these new values? Open a dialogue with these people to gain a deeper understanding.     arbetslöshet, byråkrati, skylla på varandra, materialistiskt, osäkerhet om framtiden and resursslöseri 38% SummaryCopyright 2011 Barrett Values Centre March 2011 Entropy: Less than 10%. Healthy functioning. 10%-19%. Some problems requiring careful monitoring. 20%-29%. Significant problems requiring attention. 30%-39%. Crisis situation requiring immediate change Above 40%. High risk of implosion, bankruptcy, or failure.

3 National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) Level 7 Level 6 Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Personal ValuesCurrent Culture ValuesDesired Culture Values IRS (P)= | IRS (L)= IROS (P)= | IROS (L)= IROS (P)= | IROS (L)= Värderinga r som matchar PV - CC0 CC - DC1 PV - DC0 Hälsoindex (Möjligtvis begränsan de) PV: 10-0 CC: 4-6 DC: humor/ glädje 995(I) 2. familj 702(R) 3. medkänsla 677(R) 4. positiv attityd 625(I) 5. ärlighet 625(I) 6. tar ansvar 594(R) 7. ständigt lärande 524(I) 8. vänskap 522(R) 9. ansvar 484(I) 10. omtanke 482(R) Black Underline = PV & CCOrange = CC & DCP = PositiveL = Potentially Limiting I = IndividualO = Organizational Orange = PV, CC & DCBlue = PV & DC(white circle)R = RelationshipS = Societal 1. arbetslöshet (L) 971(O) 2. byråkrati (L) 913(O) 3. yttrandefrihet 874(O) 4. skylla på varandra (L) 652(R) 5. utbildningsmöjligheter 583(O) 6. materialistiskt (L) 551(I) 7. osäkerhet om framtiden (L) 551(I) 8. resursslöseri (L) 553(O) 9. fred 507(S) 10. miljömedvetenhet 506(S) 1. arbetstillfällen 1171(O) 2. välfungerande sjukvård 781(O) 3. ekonomisk stabilitet 751(I) 4. ansvar för kommande generationer 727(S) 5. jämlikhet 584(R) 6. hållbar utveckling 526(S) 7. miljömedvetenhet 506(S) 8. bevarande av naturen 496(S) 9. omsorg om de utsatta 494(S) 10. mänskliga rättigheter 467(S) Values PlotCopyright 2011 Barrett Values CentreMarch 2011

4 National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) C T S Values DistributionCopyright 2011 Barrett Values CentreMarch 2011 C = Common Good T = Transformation S = Self-Interest Positive Values Potentially Limiting Values CTS = Entropi = 8% CTS = Entropi = 38% CTS = Entropi = 3% Personal ValuesCurrent Culture Values Desired Culture Values

5 PersonalCurrent CultureDesired Culture National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) Positive Values Distribution Copyright 2011 Barrett Values CentreMarch 2011

6 National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) Common Good Transformation Self-Interest Cultural Entropy CTSCopyright 2011 Barrett Values CentreMarch 2011 Personal ValuesCurrent Culture Values Desired Culture Values

7 National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) Entropy TableCopyright 2011 Barrett Values Centre March 2011 LevelPotentially Limiting Values (votes) Percentage Entropy 3 byråkrati (91) resursslöseri (55) elitism (36) centralstyrning (23) analfabetism (4) strikt moral/ religiositet (2) 211 out of 369: 11% of total votes 2 skylla på varandra (65) tradition (31) könsdiskriminering (27) etnisk diskriminering (18) konflikt/ aggression (12) hat (10) 163 out of 219: 9% of total votes 1 arbetslöshet (97) materialistiskt (55) osäkerhet om framtiden (55) kortsiktighet (45) våld och brott (27) fattigdom (24) miljöförstöring (21) terrorism (6) korruption (4) 334 out of 460: 18% of total votes Total708 out of % of total votes This is a relatively high level of entropy indicating unresolved issues that if left unaddressed could lead to significant social unrest. Entropy Report This depicts the number of potentially limiting values per level in the Current Culture that were chosen by the survey participants. These represent all the potentially limiting values that were chosen and so may not be included in the top ten values on the Values Plot. Potentially limiting values are found only at levels 1, 2 and 3. This is a reflection of the degree of disorder within a system.

8 National Assessment Sweden: Age (186) Values Jumps TableCopyright 2011 Barrett Values Centre March 2011 Value Current Culture Votes Desired Culture Votes Jump arbetstillfällen ansvar för kommande generationer välfungerande sjukvård omsorg om de utsatta64943 hållbar utveckling långsiktighet74033 engagemang84032 ekonomisk stabilitet omsorg om de äldre94031 fattigdomsbekämpning83729 Values Jumps A value jump occurs when there are more votes for a value in the Desired Culture than in the Current Culture. Listed below are the values with the largest increase in votes. The values in bold are represented in the Desired Culture.

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