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Bo Linde Solution Specialist EPM/PPM

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1 Bo Linde Solution Specialist EPM/PPM
5 april 2017

2 Agenda Intro Enterprise Project Management Summering
Project Server Portfolio Server Summering Några bensträckare 5 april 2017

3 En komplett lösning för organisationer…
Plattform 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

4 En komplett lösning för organisationer…
Tjänster Funktioner Schemaläggning Aktiviteter Rapportera tid Resursplanering Notifieringar Rapportering Data Warehouse Budgetering Arbetsflöde Plattform 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

5 En komplett lösning för organisationer…
Project Portfolio Server Tjänster Funktioner Funktioner Schemaläggning Aktiviteter Rapportera tid Portfölj Govern. Resursplanering Notifieringar Rapportering Portfölj val Data Warehouse Budgetering Arbetsflöde Kapacitets plan Plattform 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

6 En komplett lösning för organisationer…
Desktop LOB: ERP CRM Project Portfolio Server Tjänster Funktioner Funktioner Schemaläggning Aktiviteter Rapportera tid Portfölj Govern. Resursplanering Notifieringar Rapportering Portfölj val Data Warehouse Budgetering Arbetsflöde Kapacitets plan Plattform 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

7 Enterprise Project Management är inte “bara” teknik/plattform
Projektplanering Mognad Projektplanering Stöd Teknologi Portfolio Server Processer Organisation Människor Nätverk av erfarenheter Portfölj- hantering Projektkontors-planering Utbildning Bemanning Forskning Kommunicera Traditioner Strategiskt Projektkontor PL Governance Roller 5 april 2017

8 Traditionell projekthantering
Beställare/ Projektkontor Project file (.mpp) Project file (.mpp) Excel file (.xls) Excel file (.xls) Projekt-medlemmar Projektledare 5 april 2017

9 Enterprise Project Management
Projektledare Ledning Medarbetare Uppdrag Tidrapport Statusrapport Dokumenthantering Risker/Frågor Resurs Planering Resursbokning Beläggning Uppdrag Optimering Program Portfölj “Kontrakt” Kommunicera Rapporter Strategier Nyckeltal Resursut-nyttjande Affärsområde 5 april 2017

10 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

11 Project Portfolio Management
Ledningssystem i realtid Portfölj hantering Följer affärs- målsättning Företags- strategi Investerings-, resurs- och prioriteringsbeslut Projektkontor / Företagsresurser Integrerad Portfölj av pågående projekt Integrerat ramverk Program och initiativ Gemensam, repeterbar projekt lverans Projekt hantering Projekt 5 april 2017

12 Success Comes With Iteration & Increasing Sophistication
Enterprise PPM is optimized across the enterprise with a focus on continuous risk mitigation and value creation Project portfolio performance and risk data is understood and can be compared at the individual, cross-LOB, and enterprise levels Senior leadership is able to leverage PPM analysis when allocating funds to various portfolios Ability to measure and benchmark entire portfolio lifecycle PPM Maturity Stages Cross Portfolio PPM is adopted and used consistently across multiple organizations and portfolios Portfolio Analysts can compare and leverage portfolio analysis information across multiple departments Consistent measures enable cross portfolio analysis, selection, planning and management that supports predictive modeling and internal / external benchmarking Portfolio Value = Value Potential x Ability to Realize Project Portfolio Portfolio analysis is repeatable, predictable, and consistently used to evaluate and optimize project portfolio selection Portfolio Management teams are able to understand, analyze, & recommend optimal portfolio bundles and schedules to technology and business partners Value to Organization Project Inventory Processes are defined & documented, and most projects are aligned to Business Driver All projects are consistently captured in a project inventory Ad hoc No Portfolio Inventory or Process -“Just Do It/FIFO” -Success is random -Poor transparency Stages of Excellence Basic World-Class Crawl Walk Run 5 april 2017

13 Integration with Office Servers and Services
Header * Integration with Office Servers and Services Visual Reports take advantage of Visio Professional and Excel Wizard reporting into Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, and Excel Event Model supports Windows Workflow Foundation Project Server Interface API Requires Microsoft Windows Server™ and Microsoft SQL Server ‹footer›

14 Integration with Windows SharePoint Services
Header * Integration with Windows SharePoint Services Project Web Access uses Windows SharePoint Services V3 as its platform Project uses Windows SharePoint Services functions for managing issues, risks, and documents Project Web Access imports Windows SharePoint Services Project Task Lists ‹footer›

15 Infrastructure Changes
New requirements Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Windows SharePoint Services V3 Windows Workflow Foundation (optional) System requirements remain SQL Server 2000 SP3+ SQL Analysis Services SQL Reporting Services Windows Server 2003 Internet Information Services 6.0 The plan of record is to try to support the same level of system requirements for Microsoft Office Project 2007 by requiring changes only in areas that will provide much richer functionality. At this point, Microsoft is aware of some changes and areas where your organization may want to start developing skills. These include: Required: Project Web Access will require Windows SharePoint Services V3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later; Required: Some features will require the .NET Framework version 2.0; Optional: Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) which ships with Windows SharePoint Services V3 and our API Project Server Interface (PSI) for extensibility. So you will want to upgrade these technologies before you move to the next release of Project as well as to start developing staff skills in these technologies if you plan to customize Project. The plan of record is for hardware requirements to remain the same.

16 Enklare att komma igång
Task Drivers (pane on the far left): What: This helps users determine the factor (task dependency, resource availability, schedule date, etc.) drive the start date of the task. Value: Ability to trace source of issues and promote accountability. Cell Highlights (in gray and aqua here): What: Improved views! You can highlight the background color of cells. Value: Draw attention to important costs, specific resources, etc. Visualize changes highlighting (in green here): What: Highlights automatic changes made to the rest of the plan based on a change. Value: See the impact of the most recent change on other parts of the project plan. In this shot we added time to the duration of task 4 Design Review. Task Drivers 5 april 2017 Cell formattering i bakgrunden

17 Kommunicera rapporter
Visual Reports: What: A more flexible reporting engine – pivot tables, charts, great integration with Excel and Visio. This includes a preview pane. Project 12 adds flexible desktop reporting capabilities in addition to the predefined reports offered today. Every user can easily create reports with Project data. These reports are stored in a Report Center. Now users can share report templates with other Project users. Value: Easier to create reports and integration with Excel and Visio. 5 april 2017

18 Program Differentiating Programs and Portfolios
Programs:  A collection of projects managed in a coordinated way to achieve a large deliverable objective, ex. build a plane.  Used for tactical or operational management.  “Master projects done right.” Portfolios:  A collection of projects and/or programs to analyze performance as feedback to an investment strategy.  Used for strategic alignment or financial management.  “The right projects done.” Programs What: Collections of projects to accomplish a large objective. Ability to have KPIs, analysis and reporting at the program level. Value: Large projects can be easily split and managed as programs. Programs include: Program Container Program Schedules and KPIs Commitments Integration with Project Professional 5 april 2017

19 Kostnadsuppföljning Top down budgets Financial analytics 5 april 2017
Cost Resources • New resource type • Enables planned and actual cost to be defined by task • Supports integration with accounting systems Budgeting • Enables cost resources to be added to project summary task • Supports defining budgets at the project level • Supports budget variance reporting [Transition to Next Slide] Those screens show a few of the great new features in the Project (both Standard and Professional) for individual contributors. Next we will explore the changes available to teams when they connect to Project Server. 5 april 2017

20 Commitments Publish a list of commitments
Set dependencies based on commitments New feature in project workspace that allows key deliverables with finish dates to be identified for projects Commitments can be created before any tasks exist in the project Project Professional users can view commitments and link them to tasks in their project plans Commitments are available in Project Server reports 5 april 2017

21 Metod för att boka resurser Resursplaner i PWA
För grov projektplanering Kan användas för initiering av projekt eller för projekt som inte kräver detaljerad schemaläggning. Kan användas för att visa “budgeterad” resurskrav Tid “tas” ifrån tillgänglighet utan att kopplas till projekt aktivitet 5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

22 Hantera tid 5 april 2017

23 Projektsamarbete 5 april 2017 Prototype only
Top left screen With the Project Web Access (PWA) Task Changes screen, team members can submit the status of tasks as well as submit new tasks. This enables more accurate tracking of change requests. Lower left screen PWA is written on WSS This means you inherit the benefits of WSS for working with Project information in PWA. For example, you can use the SharePoint interface tools to modify how information appears in PWA. In this case both the Issues and Risks web parts are displayed on a single screen for easier management review. Any of the PWA functions can similarly be added to a SharePoint portal – please note that this will also require a Project Client Access License (CAL) for users of that portal. Right side screens Outlook Integration What: Supporting both integration with Outlook appointments and tasks. Improves support for reporting hours per day. Value: Leverages existing investments and knowledge of desktop applications – works the way you work. Outlook Integration sample functions: View project assignments Report status to project manager Integrates with Outlook tasks and appointments Potential issue: Tasks and Appointments in Outlook 12 will vary from their current usage. We are working to have a closer relationship with Project 12’s Tasks and Assignments. [Transition to Next Slide] We have discussed the major investment areas on the desktop and for the EPM Solution and seen screenshots. This release will improve your capabilities but what technology skills will your organization need to take advantage of the new features? 5 april 2017 Prototype only

24 Händelsestyrt via arbetsflöden
5 april 2017 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

25 Workflow Authoring Tools
FrontPage (Web Designer) Visual Studio (Pro-Dev) Development Model Wizard-based workflow designer Development Model Visual workflow designer Activities Re-use OOB/deployed activities Activities Re-use OOB/deployed activities Can author new activities Forms Autogenerated Forms -InfoPath -ASPX Forms Designed Forms -InfoPath -ASPX Deployment Workflow authored live against server Runtime compilation Deployment Solutions package generated Box administrator installable 5 april 2017

26 Project Server Gateway
4/5/2017 4:33 PM Project Server Gateway © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

27 MS Project Server Integration Synchronising Project Update with Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Server Microsoft Project Server Note: Workflow is configurable and customizable per client specification. UMT Portfolio Manager™ and MS Project Server integration points: Project ideas are entered and analyzed before being selected in the UMT Portfolio Manager and exported to MS Project Server to enable detailed project planning (e.g., task level). Detailed project plans can be synchronized with the projects in UMT Portfolio Manager in terms of schedule data (i.e. at the phase and milestone level only) and resource data (i.e. by competency or skill type) Resource availability data can be uploaded to the UMT Portfolio Manager from the MS Project Server, and used for scheduling analysis UMT’s Microsoft Gateway can be used on a periodic basis to synchronize Baseline, Actual & Forecast data with UMT Portfolio Manager for portfolio reporting and portfolio re-prioritization and optimization. 5 april 2017

28 Frågor? 5 april 2017

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