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Vägledningscentrum Career guidance centre

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1 Vägledningscentrum Career guidance centre
In terms of adult learning a clear path for adults in Malmö.

2 Career guidance centre
Vägledningscentrum Career guidance centre Total of 30 people in the organization

3 Education providers Komvux Malmö Swedish for immigrants
Komvux Malmö Pauli Komvux Malmö Södervärn Komvux Malmö Rönnen Komvux Malmö Agnesfrid Komvux Malmö Borgarskolan Komvux Malmö Frans Suell och Jörgen Kock Komvux Malmö Norra Sorgenfri Komvux Malmö Universitetsholmen Komvux Malmö Centrum: ABL Malmö/IRIS-skolan Glokala folkhögskolan Hermods AB Hvilan utbildning Hyllie Park folkhögskola Lernia Utbildning AB NTI-skolan Vuxenutbildningen Rosengårdsskolan Swedish for immigrants Merit utbildning AB Hyllie Park folkhögskola Komvux Malmö Södervärn ABL Malmö/IRIS-skolan Iris Hadar AB Hermods AB Folkuniversitetet Vuxenutbildningen Rosengårdsskolan JENSEN education Glokala folkhögskolan i Malmö S:ta Maria folkhögskola Kvarnby folkhögskola

4 Immigrants in Sweden and sfi – Swedish for immigrants
government agencies are responsible for border checkpoint, issuing recidence permit etc responsibility passes to the municipality in which the person is settling down - one part of the responsibility is to provide sfi the municipality is obliged to - provide sfi - give information about sfi - receive applications - provide start-up within 3 months

5 Sfi – Swedish for immigrants
for the individual: a right – not an obligation all adults except people from Denmark and Norway a basic education in the Swedish Language the goal of the sfi program is that students will develop an ability to speak, read and write Swedish in different contexts

6 Arriving to Malmö new residents in Malmö should first contact Invandrarservice for information, etc EU/EES citizen can apply as soon as they have a Swedish social security number

7 Vägledningscentrum’s role
Vägledningscentrum is responsible for the registration to sfi which includes give information about the studies document each person's background in education and work set up an individual study plan guide the individual in the choice of education provider give information about the sfi bonus

8 How do you apply Visit the career centre in person to meet a career counselor Make a mapping of earlier studies and/or work Information about an evaluation of exams Information about an evaluation of work qualifications and validation Who need to make a “merit portfölj” (portfolio), information is sent to the school Find a suitable school The meeting resolves in an individual study plan including future goals and intermediate goals written together with the career counselor Meet a teacher who will determine suitable study level and what amount of hours that are needed

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