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We had a problem… 30% drop out or changing We need students to make better choises from the beginning. How do we prepare students to do a "good choice"?

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3 We had a problem… 30% drop out or changing We need students to make better choises from the beginning. How do we prepare students to do a "good choice"?

4 SYO SYV This is a proffesion
This is a school activity for the hole staff Assignments of SYV. For example: Guidence on current studies. Administration and guidence for future studies. Information about labour market, secondary upper school and future studies. And so on…. Assignments in this area: Give the pupils Experience from the labour market. Give the pupils knowledge about themselves. Give the pupils knowledge about the surrounding world. And so on….

5 SYO-tråd Instead of SYV-Tråd
We have talked about this new expression…..SYO…

6 General Recommendations
” Guidance and counseling is offered in teaching, in various forms of counseling and through information campaigns and involves all staff in the school.” Education Department


8 The project started with...
Inventory of existing governing documents. (Swedish central school curriculum - LPO94, local authority school curriculums (regulations), local school activity plan, other local plans of the school. Inventory of existing activities. (What activities take place at our school today?) Teacher/Head masters ”What do you do to make the childrens future choices easier?”

9 Syo activities depending on several factors, such as..
Scattered picture. Syo activities depending on several factors, such as.. Who is my SYV? (What contacts in labour market does SYV have? How much time can my SYV spend on extra efforts for me?) Who is my mentor? (Head teacher) (Is the pupils personal mentor engaged and interested in the issue and perhaps having personal contacts?) Other social network (Do I have many different people with many different proffesions around me?) Social situation (Which support do I recieve at home and what are my possibilities?) School staff (Does my school nurse ask me questions regarding my future ?)

10 F-6 7 8 9 Cooperation School health care group Visits outside school
Knowledge about different proffessions Individual development plan Discussions about the future PRAO (practical work place week) Company cooperation F Upper secondary school, Open House. Visits by companies, union representatives and different professionals. SYV Follow up PRAO

11 Our targets To fulfill Swedish central school curriculum LPO94, in order to secure the quality regarding SYO-activities To make a plan on the knowledge and skills students need in grade F-9, in order to give them possibilities of well underbuilt choices regarding their future. This plan is to be used as a tool in evaluation and quality assurance. To secure a minimum level of tools and knowledge for the individual in order to manage their choices regarding future activities.

12 Draft SYO-plan ”SYO-tråden” for Tjörns kommun
Create targets for every grade including reconnection to LPo94. Identify existing activities for grades F (0-5 y), F-3(6-9 y), 4-6(10-12 y), 7, 8 and 9(13-15 y). Additionaly proposed activites from the ”SYO-tråden” project group. Collect Ideas about SYO activities and place them under grade targets. We want the teachers to collect running target plan that can be . All these activities together form the quality assurance plan”SYO-tråden ”

13 Target Plan How? (Examples, ideas) Targets To do (in headings)


15 Idea Bank (collection of ideas)
Skrivarbete kring förväntningar inför prao. Muntlig redovisning av sin prao. Uppsats om ”så ser mitt liv ut om år.” Ta hjälp av ams mall för CV. Undersöka möjligheter till extra prao vid behov Sätta sig in i gy.katalogen så har man lättare kan flika in rätt information vi rätt tillfälle. Temaarbete med yrken där elever sätter sig in i varsitt yrke efter lagd mall och sedan sätts klassens och skolans yrkeskatalog ihop. Ex. Vem äger arbetsplatsen, vilken utbildning krävs, vad jobbar man med…osv… Arbeta med genusperspektiv på yrken. Som ämneslärare bjuda in gäster. Använda sig av elevledda samtal vid IUP-samtal Film från Svenskt Näringsliv ”Hur är det att gå på prao?” Letter about its practical work experience. writing with questions prior practical work experience. Study visits related to each subject. Theme days with reversed field trips.

16 Översiktsblad på Syv-tråden
F-3 4-5 6-7 8 9 Studiebesök i närsamhället Omvända studiebesök. Öva ansvar och egna beslut. Arbeta med självkännedom. Ta upp framtidsdrömmar på IUP-samtal. Prao minst två dagar. Arbete före och efter prao. Arbeta med framtidstro. Arbeta för aktiva val. Ta upp utbildningsmål på IUP-samtal. Samtala kring intressen, färdigheter och drömmar i undervisningen. Ta upp framtidsmål på IUP-samtal. Prao i minst 1 vecka. Arbete före och efter prao. Presentera många olika yrken inom olika områden. Ta upp gymnasievalet på IUP-samtal. Prao 1 vecka. Arbete före och efter Prao. Enskilt SYV-samtal. SYV-information. Ge utrymme till ”valsamtal” med mentor. Övning inför arbetslivet. Översiktsblad på Syv-tråden

17 Examples of benefits with
"SYO-tråden" Control over what every pupil get access to. (A minimum level) A summary that makes evaluation possible. A bigger chans to use SYV at the right time for the pupil. A base to secure the quality assurance of this activities. A way to make people aware of the importance of this type of aktiviteis for politicions, labour market, teachers and parents. In this way we can encourage a cooperative scheme that everybody gain something from.

18 Vocational orientation
Studies och Vocational orientation The project is not about what study advisors do, but about all the activities of the school .... SYV Education Experiences Information Self-awareness And so on… Other staff SYO

19 No own monster next to the regular activity placed on the staff...
It was important for us that there will not be .....

20 SYO-activity that already exists
”Transparent makes” SYO-activity that already exists Instead of creating something new .... so ... This allows us to ..... Evaluating Quality assurance Improvement

21 SYV-tråden Targets Out came .. For each grade Tools Idea Bank
Evaluation / Development

22 A funny picture of why we think it´s important to work in early ages and widely, in order to give the students possibilities of well underbuilt choices regarding their future.

23 It can be hard to choose without the right tools……
Imagine a roundabout…. Imagine that you drive a car in England…. You have all your focus on manage to drive on the left side of the road…. And you catch sight of this….

24 …and you ask yourself, what is this ?
After a few meters you are in the middle of it…..…

25 Do you know where you are going??

26 I can come up with several tools that could have been useful in this situation…for exemple:
Practicing my driving ability on the left side of the road…or…maybe a map in my head….or JUST A GREAT COURAGE!!


28 Why are we interested in this projekt?
Drop outs Unemployed young people. (17%) Schoolsystem responsibility? SYO-Tråden-can we make this better? Is it enough to make the right choice?

29 Our thought : If we do everything right, The student make the right choice and don´t drop out (and becomes a good worker) Why can´t they find a job after school education?

30 Conclusion; This is a bigger problem than making the right choice and not drop out. We have to do more!

31 Now…. What can we do in school to make students more employable?

32 Our idea: We want to have more activities in our plan that can give the student a better chance to get employed after their education.

33 Examples of what we are already discussing ...
Discussions about social media and its role in recruitment. Social skills, how do you teach it? Creativity, flexibility do we teach it? "Want to work", is it enough with the “right choice”?

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