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Eng Coming to Sweden to study A hearing on conditions for international students in Sweden 2/12/2015 Anders Ahlstrand Anders Clarhäll.

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1 Eng Coming to Sweden to study A hearing on conditions for international students in Sweden 2/12/2015 Anders Ahlstrand Anders Clarhäll

2 Eng The Programme 10.00 – 10.10 Welcome Helena Lindholm, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Gothenburg 10.10 – 10.30 Keynote speaker Bharat Konka, software engineer at Combine AB Former Masters student of IT University (GU/Chalmers) 10.30 – 10.50 Purpose of the hearing and introduction to discussions The process of coming to a Swedish University to study 10.50 – 11.45Discussions in groups 11.45 – 12.45 Lunch Individual feedback on the posted questions 12.45 – 14.15Presentations of the results of the group discussions 14.15 – 14.30 Closing remarks Maria Knutson Wedel, Vice President, Chalmers Tuula Kuosmanen, Head of department, The Swedish Council for Higher Education 14.30Coffee Individual feedback on the presentations

3 Eng Coming to Sweden to study A hearing on conditions for international students in Sweden Inbjudan gick till internationella studenter (såväl utbytesstudenter som studenter som läser hela program) vid Göteborgs universitet, Chalmers, Högskolan Väst och Högskolan I Borås Ca 80 studenter anmälde sig Ca 40 studenter kom

4 16 Arrival in Sweden 17 Register at the Swedish Population Register 18 Apply for Swedish Identity card 19 Arrange bank account 20 Access to health care 6 Receive admission offer and reply 7 Pay tuition fee 8 Receive Pre-Arrival Guide from the university 9 Arrange financing 10 Practical issues on living in Sweden 1 Acquire information on study in Sweden 2 Select study programme and university 3 Pay application fee 4 Submit application and supporting documents 5 Apply for scholarship 11 Arrange health insurance 12 Apply for resident permit 13 Receive proof of residence permit 14 Arrange travel to Sweden 15 Plan for accommodation 21 Study and job on the side 22 Learn Swedish

5 Eng Background participants

6 Eng Background participants

7 Eng Background participants

8 Eng Bank account

9 Eng Bank account The comments reveal problems mostly related to: Civil registration (Register at the Swedish Population Register) and Personal identity number “The attitude of the bank workers varied from SEB's branch to another. I had to get a Swedish ID first in order to be able to open the account.” “I have been struggling to open a bank account for 5 months.”

10 Eng Residence permits

11 Eng Residence permits

12 Eng Residence permits The comments reveal problems mostly related to: Extensions of Residence permits and Inconvenience traveling to embassy for formalities “It took 6 months to get extension on my permit so could not visit my homeland during urgent necessities.”

13 Eng Housing

14 Eng Housing Comments: “I was living in an apartment with 7 other males.” “It is the most difficult issue finding accommodation in Goteborg that I have faced till this time.” “It took about 2 months and 80 applications”

15 Eng Diskussionstema: Application, admission and scholarships Arrival in Sweden - practicalities and introduction at the university Study in Sweden - academic culture and relation to professors Health and wellbeing, access to health care Completion of studies – career guidance, alumni activities, stay to work in Sweden Live in Sweden – social life on and off campus International students as a resource in teaching and research

16 Eng Några resultat av diskussionerna Antagningsprocessen fungerar bra med snabba svar. Snabbare svar på stipendieansökan och möjlighet att även söka stipendium efter år 1 Svårt att få bostad vilket får andra konsekvenser som problem med att öppna bankkonto eller att folkbokföra sig Oklar information kring rutiner hur det går till att lämna biometrisk information vid svenska utlandsmyndigheter Förlängning av uppehållstillstånd behöver vara smidigare med snabbare beslut Besked om uppehållstillstånd borde ges på engelska

17 Eng Några resultat av diskussionerna Behov av bättre information om studiekultur och relation lärare- student i Sverige Vid grupparbeten bör lärosätet mixa svenska och internationella studenter och ge ett bättre stöd för att det interkulturella samarbetet ska fungera Bättre information kring vilka sjukförsäkringar lärosätet ansvarar för och vilka som den enskilde studenten måste teckna själv Alla lärosäten borde erbjuda karriärvägledning Skapa plattformar för interaktion mellan studenter och alumni Kurser i svenska borde vara mer praktiska Allmän information är ibland mest riktad till studenter på kandidatnivå, finns risk att masterstudenter missas Ta in det internationella perspektivet i kursutveckling

18 Eng Additional themes mentioned Most comments concerns issues that are included in the themes for discussion today. Other comments relates to: Working in Sweden Relation to the Student Union “Opportunity for students to work part time, either academic related or otherwise.”

19 Eng Group discussions 1. Application, admission and scholarships What have worked well for you when it comes to application, admission and scholarships? Discuss and list what is needed to make the processes of application, admission and scholarships for international students in Sweden more effective and straightforward.

20 Eng 1.Select one person from the group to act as rapporteur. 2.Discuss the write down conclusions for the main topic of your group on the flipchart paper sheet. 3.If you complete your main topic before 11:45 – pic any of the additional themes, discuss and write down your conclusions on an A4 paper. N.B. only one theme per paper! 4.Presentation: the rapporteur will get 5 minutes to present and expand upon conclusions from the group discussions. Additional themes the group has worked on will be reported in writing only. Instructions

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