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San Francisco 6-9 october 2015 ”The Nordics go SOCAP15 U.S. tour and beyond” Welcome as Sponsor for;

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1 San Francisco 6-9 october 2015 ”The Nordics go SOCAP15 U.S. tour and beyond” Welcome as Sponsor for;

2 Organizers - Sponsors Organizers: Sponsors:

3 Mission: *Bringing the best Nordic team to SOCAP15 and Merging the Nordic, EU - U.S. & International models, ideas and platforms for Social and Sustainable Innovations. *Building the perfect hybrid for creation and sharing new business opportunities and jobs!

4 Sponsor package Nordics Go SOCAP: €1500 Prices are excluding gst 1. Full visibility with Logotype on all presentations, on blog, social media, presentations and material. 2. Visibility on extended info and programme for The Nordics Go SOCAP15 U.S.tour Social Capital partners & organizers. 3. Presentation of Company plus material in marketing channels, promoted before, under and after the Nordics Go SOCAP. 4. SOCAP15 Introduction and short report + brief Skype 1-hour and a video from SOCAP15 with highlights 5. Presented under the Silicon Valley – Stanford day. 6. Presented and visible – promoted in the Hackaton event for 2nd september, will open 26th august and be active over SOCAP and after. 7. Visibility to the International Innovation hubs that will be involved in the 2nd sept hackaton and special social media promotion with Social Media Squad team based i n Paris, France.

5 Prel programme for Stanford and Silicon Valley day: Stanford and Silicon Valley Day, Sept 2 2014. With Hackaton – Gatesense and TBD ”THEME” SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND REGIONS – ENABLING COMMUNITIES Prel Programme - Tuesday september 2 7.00am – 8.00 Breakfast at xxxxx with Welcome by Kevin Jones, Shaun Paul, Gregory Wendt, Ina Lauth introduce the Hackaton, Bert-Ola Bergstrand. ”Special presentation” by Mayors office San Francisco, about San Franciscos work to be a ”Smart Sustainable cities and regions enabling communities” 8.15am Departure from San Francisco with bus to Silicon Valley and Stanford. 9.30am Arrival Stanford, Wallenberg Hall, group photo. 9.45 – 10.30 Intro Innovation by Vinnova? Anne Lidgard, the Nordic work in Silicon Valley and the new Innovation house. Start Hackaton @ Cisco – Gatesense platform (Grundfos-CBS) working on hottest Issue for San Francisco…..Water, traffic, energy. TBD 10.45 departure to Institute for future or Social innovation or Innovation house 11 – 1pm Lunch together with presentations any of above…. 1.15 departure to TESLA for round tour visit factory and story….. 4.30 departure back to San Francisco…… 6pm arrival at drop off in San Francisco……

6 Who? The best leaders and companies in the field from the Nordics, EU and U.S and Internationally in general. A Roadmap of activities in august up to 2 sept and the SOCAP14 start in slide 7 in this presentation. From Kevin Jones, Co-founder SOCAP, Shaun Paul, President Reinventure Capital, Carol Sanford, Global leader Sustainable Business, Neal Gorenflo, Founder Shareable & Co-founder sharing cities network and more to come….

7 Activities: *Activities in and around sept 2-5 during SOCAP see slide 7 for the live-stream webinar series *Stanford & Silicon Valley day! 2 sept- Smart Sustainable Cities and regions Enabling Communities (detailed program next week)

8 The Impact road activity map to SOCAP14: *Building the market for the good economy! Kevin Jones, Co-founder SOCAP, live-stream webinar, with interaction 10am Eastern time. *The responsible Entrepreneuer! Carol Sandford, Awarded global leader in Sustainable business, live-stream webinar, w interaction 8am Pacific. *Impact Investing today & the future! Shaun Paul, President Reinventure Capital and Marc Layne, Chairman Illinois task force of social Innovation and Enterprise 1am Eastern. *Collaborative Economy - a new paradigm! Neal Gorenflow, founder of Shareable, Co-founder sharing cities network. Live-stream, webinar, w interaction 8.00 am Pacific time *Stanford & Silicon Valley Day! Full day 2 sept program with live broadcast, breakfast, lunch, Hackaton, innovation global working on local San Francisco challenges 8 aug 12 aug 21 aug 18 aug 2 sept

9 Deliverables: *Establish partnerships and contacts between the Nordics EU and the U.S with International projects in Social Innovation entrepreneurship and Impact Investments. *TheNordicsGoSoCap14 is about joining the energies of this unique event with the growing landscape of social entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries and globally *Initiate projects, establish Social Arenas and Impact Economy *Build a platform for Re-visit to the Nordics-Europe

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