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University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth

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1 University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth
Mr Per Scholdberg Managing Director Sideum Innovation Ltd is the (sub)region’s instrumental tool for the development of clusters and innovative systems in coordination with the business sector, society and institutes of higher education. Sideum Innovation is a non-profit company in which local municipalities, the region, Växjö University and the business sector (IKEA, Volvo) are active stake-holders.

2 University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth
Facts Almost all of the universities are legally national authorities in Sweden The universities are instructed to collaborate with industry, but have no dedicated funding for this Low merit value for industrial cooperation unless the results are scientific through publications

3 From Despair to a win win solution

4 Members in Aluminiumriket Sverige
AB Allt i Plåt ABU Garcia AB ADC of Sweden Ahlins i Habo AB Alackering AB ALMI Företagspartner Jönköping AB AluminiumFörlaget Aluminiumteknik AB Alutrade AB Alvema AB A-Plast AB Clamp System AB Cromtjänst B. Johansson AB Digital Engineering AB Ekenäs Mekaniska AB Elmia AB Europeiskt Aluminium AB Finnveden Technology Fueltech Gjutal AB Gjuteribolaget i Bredaryd AB Hagby-Asahi AB Hans Strand Maskin AB Holje Mekaniska AB Holje Plåt AB Hydro Aluminium Profiler AB Improve Vetlanda AB Interal AB IRAM AB Allack AB Vetlanda kommun Växjö kommun Jönköpings kommun Uppvidinge kommun Nässjö kommun Hultsfreds kommun Sävsjö kommun Vimmerby kommun Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping University of Växjö SAPA Profiler AB Profilgruppen AB Kubal Aluminium Scandinavia Octanorm Nordic AB Aluminiuminstitutet Svenska Gjuteriföreningen AGA Gas AB DuPont Powder Coatings Scandinavia AB Dockstavarvet AB CSM Materialteknik Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB RUUKI AB Hellmer Industries Bodycote Ytbehandling AB Zakrisdalsverken AB Ragn-Sells Metall AB Bröderna Edstrands AB Stena Aluminium AB Ahlins i Habo AB Sarlin Furnaces Örnalp Titan AB CGT Metall AB Tibnor Metall AB Hydro Aluminium AB Comital Skultuna AB Candor Sweden AB Eloxal AB Linders Aluminiumbåtar AB Danubia Metallhandel AB IV Produkt AB JB Metall AB Kongberg Automotive AB LG Maskin AB Mirro AB Miwab Produktion AB Mönsterås Metall AB Norrahammars Mekaniska Verkstad AB ABB Process Automation AB Pallco AB Pegoma AB ProfilGruppen Components AB ProfilGruppen Manufacturing AB Sapa Profilbockning AB Scanditronix Magnet AB Slipcentrum i Västervik AB Stans & Press i Olofström AB Stilexo Industri AB Stålöv AB Swepac AB Swish AB Thule, Industri AB Tolba AB VA Smältverk AB Walléns Metallindustri AB Älmhults El Mek AB Svetsteknik i Växjö AB Dormer Tools AB Hälls Skrotindustri AB Metallus Produktion AB Söderberg och Partners

5 The problem was not the lack of a Aluminium-professor
The problem of academic and industrial interest were how to tape and glue aluminium both to aluminium and to other materials such as wood and glass.

6 University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth
My personal roadmap in creating an Industry-University collaboration: 1. Do the partners have a common view of the goals of the collaboration? 2. Are the roles and mandates defined? 3. Is there an organisation that can effectuate the decisions made? 4. Is there adequate commitment och support among the partners? 5. Will there be stability in relations over time? 6. Is the composition of the group correct in relation to mandate and objectives? 7. Sufficient Strategic competence in the management of the collaboration? 8. Respect and confidence/faith in the group? 9. Climate for exchange of information? Do everyone have the possibility to share relevant information? 10 Whats in it for each individual partner? 11 organisational concequences? A commonly owned company 12. Individual gain; the fun-factor? THIS TAKES TIME!

7 University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth
Project Students in the regions -Bringing the students thesis into an industrial context- SME oriented Hands on A great first contact with the academic world

8 Sideum Innovation is located at Videum Science Park and Campus area of Växjö University.
students, 1000 researchers, teachers and administrators. Växjö: inhabitants 2 hrs north of Copenhagen 3 hrs south of Stockholm

9 University-Industry- A key Link towards regional growth
Thank you for listening! Per Schöldberg Managing Director Sideum Innovation AB Videum Science Park S VÄXJÖ SWEDEN +46-(0)

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