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Välkommen till Sommarkollo 2006 2006. Nyheter i Dynamics Ax 4.0 ur ett applikationsperspektiv Torleif GraunerMicrosoft.

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1 Välkommen till Sommarkollo 2006 2006

2 Nyheter i Dynamics Ax 4.0 ur ett applikationsperspektiv Torleif GraunerMicrosoft

3 Vad som kommer att visas Generellt Dynamics Ax Användargränssnitt med filtrering och global sökning Servicemodul Dimensionshantering Handel & logistik Axplock från övriga nyheter

4 Microsoft Dynamics - Innovations Microsoft Dynamics

5 Our Key Strengths Scalable –High performance three-tier architecture –Scalable architecture – up and down Affordable Adaptability –Layered architecture eases implementation and maintenance –Highly flexible code base that preserves upgrade path –Familiar interface is easy to use Global –Multi-site –Multi-language –Multi-currency –Double Byte Asian languages A Scalable, Adaptable, and Global solution

6 Microsoft Industry Builder Initiative Microsoft Development/Support IB ISV Development Manufacturing Project Accounting DistributionEnterprise Portal HRM Financial Management Core CRMSCMAnalytics Vertical Partner Customization Automotive & Industrial Consumer Packaged Goods Oil & Gas ChemicalsPharmaceutical Distribution & CPG Apparel & Textiles Construction High Tech and Electronics Metal Fabrication Professional Services Retail EU Public Sector Aerospace & Defense Microsoft Business Solutions Deluxe Support Initial IBI Solution Coverage Automotive Suppliers & Industrial Mfg Consumer Packaged Goods Oil & Gas Chemicals & Process Mfg Apparel, Textiles & Fashion Construction High Tech and Electronics Metal Fabrication Professional Services Retail Aerospace & Defense

7 Current Industry Builders  FullscopeProcess IndustriesUSADec. 2005  FoliodevProfessional Services USA/IcelandDec. 2005  To-IncreaseIndustrial Equip. Manufacturing NetherlandsDec. 2005  Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Execution USADec. 2005  Iteration2Field ServiceUSADec. 2005  Columbus ITSpecialty RetailDenmarkFeb. 2006  WatermarkConstructionNetherlandsMar. 2006  Atos OriginAutomotiveGermanyMay. 2006Pending  Blue Fox/PoriniApparel/TextileItalyJun. 2006Pending English only initial releases in NA and selected EMEA countries

8 Improved User Interface Enhanced Menu Structure & Navigation Alignment with MBS product family & Office 11 Familiar Controls & Options Improved Data Management & Organization


10 Alerts

11 Demo Gränssnitt

12 Nyheter och förändringar i Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Ny Service modul Service administration –Service kontrakt –Service order –Service objekt –Service uppgifter –Registrering av reparationer –Servicesats Service avtal –Avtalspriser –Avtalsgrupper –Index omräkning –Periodisering

13 Service modulen - kopplingar

14 Service avtal

15 License structure Two licenses (Service management and Service subscription) Additional functionality through the Sales Force Automation license Service subscription Service Management Sales Force Automation Project accounting I (II)

16 Demo Servicemodulen

17 Nyheter och förändringar i Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Redovisning, reskontra och anläggningsredovisning –Dimensionsstruktur –Vända transaktioner för leverantör, kund och redovisning –Åldersanalys –Finansiella rapporter –Guide för att lägga till dimensioner –XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) –Periodisering –Standardkontering för kunder och leverantörer –FASB 52/ EU115 –Länkar i dokument

18 Financial Dimensions Dimension Hierarchies Authorized dimension value combinations for the set Multiple hierarchies can be built to constrain set’s values in different contexts Hierarchy tree Dimension values Choices for mapping

19 Finansiella dimensioner

20 Demo Finansiell dimensionsstruktur

21 Accounts Receivables/Payables User defined Aging Buckets –Customer Account Statement –Customer Aging Report –Customer Balance –COA Statistics –Customer/Vendor Statistics

22 Demo Åldersanalys

23 Financial Statements Building bricks Group element Calculation Structure Exceptions

24 Demo Finansiell rapportering

25 XBRL Integration All elements from the taxonomy Presentation tab displays relation between elements and the way they should be printed.

26 Demo Länkar i dokument

27 Nyheter och förändringar i Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Handel och logistik –Överföringsorder –Leveransadress per orderrad –Leveransdatum kontroll –Frisläppta plockrader – kundorder resp. överföringsorder –Transporttid –Intercompany –Huvudplanering över flera intercompanybolag –Dokumentfot med fritext

28 Transporttider för säljorder

29 Demo Leveransadresser och transporttider

30 Demo Överföringsorder och frisläppta plockrader

31 Demo Fritext i dokumentfoten

32 Nyheter och förändringar i Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Produktion och projekt –Legohantering –Kvantitetsberoende struktur/flöde –Baklängesnedbrytning förändrad –Överlappande operationer förändrad –Efterkalkylering –Projektofferter –Interna projekt uppdelade i tid, kostnad och investering –Statistik

33 Demo Kvantitetsberoende strukturer/flöden och legohantering

34 Demo Statistik i projektmodulen

35 RFID Hardware Chip Antenna Tag RFID Tag Reader Antenna RFID Reader (Fixed) RFID Reader (Mobile) Reader RFID Label Printer Smart Label

36 Tags vs. Barcodes –Every tag contains a Unique ID-Number –Line of Sight not required –Multiple Reads at the same time –Read, Write and Re-write –Variable/Changing Information/Data –Large amount of Data –Active, Semi-active or Passive –Reusable –Resistant to Harsh Conditions

37 Typical Deployment

38 Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 RFID Device Service Provider Interface RFID Object Model / APIs Data Management Data Store Device Management Tagging Rules EPC Number Management RFID Label Printing Connector Business Intelligence Track & Trace Inventory Management Alerts Printers & Encoders Fixed Readers Mobile Readers … Hardware Partners RFID Infrastructure Edge Server Dynamics AX Backend System RFID Business Logic

39 Talking about Simplicity… Microsoft provider Reader #1 provider (proprietary) Reader #2 provider (proprietary) Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI) RFID Engine / Runtime Interface implementation, COM Eventing Filters, rules & alerts Reader Configuration & Mgmt. Discovery & configuration Health monitoring RFID Queue/Store RFID Server Application Interface EPC-G standards compliant provider  UI Elements for Server, Device Discovery, Configuration & Management  Tables for new RFID data  EPC Number Management  Tagging Rules (by customer, product, sales order line  Business Logic for handling RFID Events (Pick, Pack, Ship incl. ASN, Receive)  Connector Hardware Partners

40 Separated from GL Secure a clean General Ledger Provide the possibility of having multiple versions Secure traceability Cost Accounting General Ledger Expense

41 Cost Category - Amount Amount and Quantities Provides flexibility Used in distribution and allocation Used in Cost rate calculation Service Category - Quantity

42 Distribution and Allocation Provides the option to Distribute amounts/quantities to several dimensions Provides the option to Allocate amounts between dimensions 10.000,00 Dimension X 4500,00 Dimension Y 5500,00

43 Cost Rate Calculation Provides the opportunity to compare unit cost cross cost centers for decision making Provides information about future Standard Cost prices 5,25/Unit 4,75/Unit 4,50/Unit CostCenter 1 CostCenter 2 OutSource

44 Cross Module Integrations Integration provide flexibility Service Categories Cost Accounting Project Production General Ledger

45 EDS report Expense Distribution Sheet report Provides the possibility to report movements on Dimensions and Cost categories

46 Product Builder Environment Toolbox – Graphic Nodes Now with Drag and Drop!

47 How to setup Action rules in V3

48 Product Builder Environment Rules setup completely redesigned! NEW!

49 Arbetsstyrning – utökad schemahantering

50 Tack för Er uppmärksamhet Frågor?


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