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1 Marknadsöversikt Namn Titel Datum
The overall objective of this presentation is to convey the flexibility and usability of our Marketing Automation (MA) capabilities. And since Marketing Automation is a lesser known area of our application, it is hoped this deck will demonstrate that we effectively provide the core functional areas associated with Marketing Automation. The assumption is that this deck would be used after an all-up Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deck. On account of that, this presentation is focused on content specific to MA and the solution we provide as opposed to the high-level messaging. This deck has the same overall structure and flow of the SFA and Contact Center deck so that presenters who are familiar with one deck can easily grasp the content and structure of the other decks.

2 Bättre marknadsföring ger framgång
“By 2010 over 50% of marketing staff in companies worldwide will be using enterprise software (marketing automation) as opposed to less than 20% today. Additionally, the reports projects that these tools will cut creative production cycle times by 30%.” Gartner Group Gartner Research Report (reprinted in Destination CRM) “The report found that 58 percent of ‘Best in Class’ organizations use marketing automation technologies, and are realizing increased annual revenue and decreased marketing spend year over year and achieve greater than 100 percent ROI”. The Aberdeen Group “Successful Strategies in Marketing Automation” This slide tries to demonstrate the importance of Marketing Automation solutions and the business benefits they can afford companies that adopt them. In essence, this slide is the “Why Do I Care” slide. It also sets up the subsequent slide on pain points by showing that MA solutions can help address those pain points. Why your audience may already be knowledgeable of Marketing Automation and/or the potential benefits it is always a good idea to quickly recap some high-level benefits like noted above. Comment #1: Marketing may have been step-child of CRM for many years but times are changing. Organizations are seeing real value from marketing automation. Comment #2 Marketing now has the fastest growth rate within CRM according to Gartner.

3 Typiska utmaningar inom marknadsföring
Svårt att visa på ROI för marknadsföring Svårt att få en aktuell inblick i hur en kampanj går Dålig datakvalitet i marknadsdatabasen Svårt att påverka externa datakällor Ineffektiva processer Difficulty in Demonstrating Marketing ROI More shades of gray in Marketing compared to Sales Need wide variety of BI capabilities, slice and dice data Dashboards are key Lack of Real-Time Insight Need to be able to easily track responses real-time Need to break free from reliance on IT Poor Data Quality CRM is all about customer data but getting accurate data consistently has been a problem “Garbage In/Garage Out” saying Extensibility For true power of CRM, often need to integrate, push/pull data Need to trigger rules/workflow from other systems For example, delinquent account info. in ERP system, credit rating in mainframe Inefficient Processes Many systems in market today cobbled together, not seamless Lead management often problem area Seamless communications, management critical

4 Tankar från industrin “Currently, most large companies have physically separate marketing departments in different parts of the world, leading to no clear succinct global company “voice” – or unified marketing effort... It is time for marketing departments across the world to join hands.“ DM News, January 2007 “Marketing’s credibility within the boardroom is being damaged because of difficulties in demonstrating its true value… The number one issue is measurement and reporting which stops them from demonstrating the value they are actually delivering.” “The Marketing Credibility Gap” December 2006 This is a really a validation slide for the previous slide on Pain Points. It is always nice to have validation from established analyst firms or thought leaders and that is what this slide does. Comment#1: Traditionally marketing departments and campaigns have been separated by geography. Need to take more holistic and coordinated approach. Need to break-down physical barriers Comment #2: Traditionally more gray area in marketing than sales. In sales you either you hit your number or you don’t. In marketing you have things like leads, responses, awareness levels, etc.

5 Förändra spelplanen inom marknadsföring
Få mer genomslag på marknaden med mindre resurser Förvandla varje träffyta till en marknadsmöjlighet This is more of an aspirational slide that tries to elevate the thinking around Marketing Automation and the potential strategic benefits it can provide. “Change the Game” in essence means changing the current Marketing Paradigm that constrains many companies. Breaking free from limitations or constraints. Some more details on each statement is below in the same order as above: Most marketing organization have more marketing programs than budget. They are continually being asked to do more with less and stretch their marketing dollars farther. If marketing organizations had tools that reduced campaign cycles, automated workflows, streamlined the tracking of communications then marketing organizations can do more with less. And that is what Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides. Marketing campaigns may articulate key messages and promote new offers but what about when those campaigns aren’t being executed. And what about staff outside of marketing that have interactions with customers. What if the company as whole could leverage each interaction with the customers and prospects to reinforce their brand, gather customer data and when appropriate transform it into an opportunity. We provide the tools for that. 3. Marketing organizations often carry out campaigns at specific intervals or against known target groups but how can they take advantage of opportunities that pop up. In other words, how they can uncover hidden opportunities. If they had tools that provided them with real-time analysis of campaigns, deep segmentation capabilities, and trend analysis capabilities they could uncover and take advantage of more opportunities. Upptäck den outnyttjade fördelen med kunderna


7 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marknadslösning
Marknadsfunktioner Komplett stöd Marknads Workflow Anpassad för Användare Chefer Ledning This slide tries to map out the high-level functional areas for MA. It also maps closely to the functionality we provide in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This slide is especially important since we often don’t get enough credit for the marketing functionality we have. Hopefully this slide and the subsequent slide will prove otherwise. This slide sets up the next 5 slides that include more detailed information and screen shots on each functional area for Marketing. The above diagram shows a high-level lifecycle for MA that has a sequential nature to it as indicated by the text in the arrows. The circle in the middle calls attention to an overarching theme around Improved Marketing Communications. With our 360 degree customer view, Native Outlook client, seamless MS Office integration, intuitive UI and strong remote capabilities our solution allows marketers to deliver more impactful communications.

8 Planering och budgetering
Omfattande kapacitet för att designa, definiera och återanvända marknadskampanjer och aktiviteter. Planering och budgeterings komponenter Kampanj definition Kampanj mallar Produkt kataloger Listor med målgrupper Kontroll över kampanj budget Workflow godkännanden Microsoft fördelar Kampanj mallar som enkelt kan återanvändas Kontroll över estimerade och faktiska kostnader för enkel ROI analys Produktkataloger och prislistor för att göra anpassade erbjudanden This slide goes into more detail on and Planning and Budgeting depicted in the diagram on the previous slide. A key component of any marketing organization is the planning, budgeting and allocation of resources, territories, processes and tasks. Microsoft Advantage: Campaign templates allow for the quick re-use and componentization of campaigns. Templates are the building blocks for campaigns and this modular approach makes it very easy for marketers to create campaigns on the fly with minimal effort. ROI analysis for marketing is often an issue since they are many shades of gray in marketing as opposed to Sales. With easy defined fields for projected vs actual budget and deep reporting and data analysis capabilities, marketers can get the ROI information they need quickly without having to rely on IT. Nimble Offer Management is a pre-requisite for successful marketing organizations. With robust and comprehensive product and pricing management capabilities, Microsoft enables organizations to quickly and efficiently optimize offers for each campaign or target group.

9 Datahanteringskomponenter
Enkel hantering av kunddata och listor samt segmentering av datan Datahanteringskomponenter Data import/export Data rensning Frågeverktyg Data vyer List vyer Microsoft fördelar Data rensningsverktyg Enkel förändring av listor och vyer för bättre segementering Workflow för triggrar som har åtkomst till externa datakällor. Accurate segmentation and a good target fit is critical to the success of any marketing organization. Without that, response rates and sales conversions lag since the program/offer doesn’t fit the target audience and that leads to dollars and resources being wasted . Microsoft Advantage: With version 4.0, Microsoft offers a comprehensive yet intuitive set of tools that allows for easy data import, cleansing and de-duplication. And these tools are marketing user friendly so they don’t have to wait for IT’s schedule. With the robust capabilities of Advanced Find and other tools, marketing users can easily segment data, create and re-use data views and then easily take action against those data sets or use them to automatically populate marketing campaigns. Workflow and rules are critical for any marketing organization as there are many steps and processes that marketing programs are either based on or trigger. By leveraging the new Windows Workflow Foundation in 4.0, marketers have a tools that allows them to easily create, track and re-use workflows.

10 Kampanjhantering Enkelt att utföra kampanjer och att följa upp all kommunikation samt resultatet Kampanjhantering Enkel , snabbkampanjguide Massuppdateringsfunktion Erbjudanden mallar Outlook integration Microsoft fördelar Kampanjhantering Unik koppling mellan kommunikationen i Outlook och Dynamics CRM Bakom “Nästa”-knappen finns nästa kampanj.. Campaign management is the heart of most marketing organizations and considered the linchpin for marketing automation solutions. As you can see by the above list, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a wide array of capabilities that allows organizations to plan, create, re-use and track campaign activities and related communications. Microsoft Advantage: One of the holy grails of Marketing is closed-loop marketing management. As the name indicates, it is complete and holistic management of campaigns from the creation to execution to the tracking of campaigns. And that is exactly what we offer. And with Microsoft, you don’t need separate modules of products to track different stages of marketing programs. It is all part of our core product. With any marketing program or campaign, there will be both outgoing and incoming communications. The tracking and relating of those communications back to the source marketing activity has traditionally been a less than perfect science. With our Native Outlook client, tight MS Office integration and revenue source tracking capability that is something we make easy for marketers. The Quick Campaign Wizard is a powerful and intuitive tool and something we should emphasize more. It is geared for the marketing or sales user so that they can effortlessly create and execute campaigns and take advantage of developments as they occur. With the Quick Campaign Wizard, new campaigns are just a click away and there is no need to wait for IT.

11 Svarsuppföljning och prospekthantering
Svarsuppföljning via guider och automatiserade processer som följer upp svar Svarsuppföljning Spåra svar Håll koll på många kanaler Workflow uppföljning Svarshistorik Microsoft fördelar Svarshistorik ett klick bort Stark uppföljning i systemet av inkomna svar Kraftfulla regler för svar och prospekthantering Managing the responses of campaign actions/programs may seem like Marketing 101, but making it seamless and intuitive for marketing users is easier said than done. Some marketing solutions force you to track responses in separate modules/products. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provide marketers with a powerful and easy-to-use framework for capturing, converting and tracking responses. Microsoft Advantage: With our intuitive UI, marketers can easily qualify, un-qualify, convert, un-convert leads with just a few clicks. No need to get IT involved on the backend. No need to manually match responses with leads or toggle back and forth between disparate modules. All response management capabilities are seamlessly integrated with our lead management features which ensures sales reps. and marketers take the right actions and follow-up. With our powerful rules and workflow capabilities marketers can take response management to the next level. Rules can be set up to automatically score leads based on pre-defined criteria and leads can automatically be assigned based on roles and privileges.

12 Marknadsanalyser Komplett paket med säljanalyser, allt från enkla rapporter till OLAP/data. Marknadsanalys Instrumentbräda Rapportguide Standardrapporter Jämförelser Anpassade rapporter Microsoft fördelar Anpassade rapporter bara ett klick bort Enkelt att dela och editera rapporter Samarbete med Sharepoint At the end of day, marketers, marketing managers and executives need to be able to monitor and track the effectiveness of marketing programs. And that is exactly what our marketing analytics capabilities provide. Microsoft Advantage: With our new “Reporting Wizard” in version 4.0 a new report is literally a “Next” button away. The Reporting Wizard is geared for the business user and provides a guided interface that allows the marketing user to effortlessly create custom reports on any database entity. Another advantage of the Report Wizard is that it provides powerful report sharing and editing features that makes it easy for the marketing user to publish, share and edit reports. And all of this can be done without having to rely on IT which is critical for marketing organizations that are often under tight timelines. While our out-of-the-box reporting feature are very impressive, collaboration with Sharepoint opens up a whole other dimension of capabilities. With Sharepoint, marketing organizations can create custom and audience-specific portals that capture and convey salient data points.

13 Marknadsscenarios med genomslag
Intelligent Data Management Holistisk Management Kampanj Management Fullt integrerad Markands-föring Målsatt mer-försäljning Verktyg som uppmanar marknads-förare att rensa och gå igenom data i organi- sationen. Enkelt att spåra kommunik-ation med prospects i verk-samheten. 360° kampanj styrning med enkelhet och kommunikation Starkt multi-språk stöd med Office integration och workflow. Insiktsfull analys för att identifiera trender samt dolda möjligheter. So after you have talked about the features and capabilities that Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the natural next question is so what does that enable me to do. How does that benefit my organization.? This slide aims to answer that question by calling out some key marketing oriented scenarios that those capabilities enable. “Impactful” is used in the title slide to tie into “Impactful Marketing Communications” on slide 8 and to reinforce the productivity gains afforded by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Key Benefits of Above Scenarios (in same order as above): Leads to better data accuracy and segmentation Enables better follow-up and improved revenue conversion Allows for holistic response management for improved effectiveness Facilitates easy collaboration within and across groups Discovery of hidden opportunities and more effective promotions

14 Utvecklat av Microsoft
Kraftfull Work-flow hantering Familjär Outlook Client Smidigt att arbeta offline Drag och släpp-anpassningar Innehållsrik Business Intelligence At this point you have already talked about the Marketing Lifecycle (slide 8), provided details around each functional area and talked about the some of the sales scenarios those capabilities enable. This slide tries calls out some of the architectural differentiators and advantages that Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides. While these areas are not focused specifically on MA, they do enhance and elevate our Marketing capabilities which ultimately makes it a more compelling solution. This slide also set-ups the subsequent Benefits slides since many of these overarching advantages enable the benefits stated in the next section. Robust Workflow Geared for the business user, guided UI The inherent flexibility to use across groups/systems Native Outlook Client Familiar look-and-feel, intuitive navigation Automatic synchronization of communications and calendars Global Readiness Complete multi-lingual capabilities, over 20+ language versions Multi-time zone support, multi-currency across the application Point and Click Configuration End-user focused configuration tools (one-click configuration) Easily adapts to existing business environment Comprehensive Business Intelligence ·OOB Reports ·Dashboards ·OLAP Analysis and Data Mining


16 Fördelar med Microsoft Dynamics CRM
360° översikt Ökat sammanhang Högre Marknads-effektivitet Förbättrad mätbarhet Översikt Över prospect, offerter, aktiviteter och kampanjer. Integrerad marknad Ger stärkt varumärke och budskap. Förkorta kampanjcykeln campaign cycles genom att automatisera planeringen. Låt marknads ROI bli känd genom att tydligt kunna mäta svarsfrekvens, uppföljning och rapporter. Now that you have talked about the pain points, key functional element of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for MA and the architectural/foundational advantages that our solution provides, it is time to talk about some of the high-level benefits it affords. This slide calls out some of the high-level benefits that our Marketing capabilities provide. You will also notice that many of them tie back to the pain points and analyst comments in the first section. The benefits above should be fairly self-explanatory and this slide is intended to be covered fairly quickly since most audiences should intuitively understand it. SQL Pass Summit 2006

17 Framgångsfaktorer för marknadspersonal
Marknadsdirektör Definiera tydligt den optimala marknadsmixen och priset Driv på nya prospekt och affärsmöjligheter Få ut ROI på kampanjer Snabbt lansera nya produkter och erbjudanden Effektivt planera och hantera kampanjbudgeten Upprätthålla konsistent budskap och varumärkesbyggande Marknads chef Some key functional elements from Microsoft Dynamics CRM for each of the above areas are listed below: VP of Marketing End-to-end tracking of marketing program results provides insight Data Import capabilities mean easy access to new lead sources Easy integration to other systems means broadens reach of campaigns Executive dashboards via Sharepoint tell the story Marketing Manager Quick Campaign Wizard and campaign templates means agility No-boundary lead, opportunity and response mgmt enable true team-work Strong workflow capabilities automate and streamline approval process Repeatable best practices and holistic communications tracking improve consistency Marketing Staff Point and click response mngmt provides instant insight and ensures follow-up Report Wizard means reports and real-time analysis are just a click away Complex relationship tracking makes vendor and partner management easy Native Opt-In/Opt-Out controls prevent unwanted communications Native Outlook Clients unifies tracking of communications Marknads avdelningen Få en realtids överblick över kampanjen Hantera relationer med säljare och partner Följa upp kundinteraktioner

18 Framgångsfaktorer för IT
CIO Snabba tidsvinster på en gång Låg kostnad för ägandeskap Konsistent IT arkitektur och standard IT Projekt Team Anpassningsbart till företaget vid utv. och förändring Enkelt att integrera med existerande applikationer/data Öka kraften med Dynamics CRM CIOs care about driving down their costs, providing agility to the business and generally keeping to consistent architecture. CIOs are in the business of risk mitigation and providing service. If MS is a standard in their business, building their contact center with MS CRM is a great opportunity. IT Project team can win by providing the users with ability to meet the exact specifications that users provide. Business Analysts will often report to the business-side of the house but be more IT-oriented. Focus on workflow and reporting. The key to winning them over is to focus on the fact that they can design workflows & business processes in Titan easily and effectively. Secondarily, with Titan, the business analyst can use canned reports, build sophisticated customer reports or even use advanced analytics to measure the business performance. Affärs analytiker Anpassningsbart till de alltid föränderliga affärsbehoven Spåra nyckeltal och workflows över avdelningsgränser Förbättra relevansen via drag och släpp anpassning


20 Global kundbas inom marknadsföring
4/3/ :53 PM Global kundbas inom marknadsföring Småföretag Medelstora företag Koncerner CIOs care about driving down their costs, providing agility to the business and generally keeping to consistent architecture. CIOs are in the business of risk mitigation and providing service. If MS is a standard in their business, building their contact center with MS CRM is a great opportunity. IT Project team can win by providing the users with ability to meet the exact specifications that users provide. Business Analysts will often report to the business-side of the house but be more IT-oriented. Focus on workflow and reporting. The key to winning them over is to focus on the fact that they can design workflows & business processes in Titan easily and effectively. Secondarily, with Titan, the business analyst can use canned reports, build sophisticated customer reports or even use advanced analytics to measure the business performance.

21 Kunder som kör CRM Cold Stone Creamery Equinox Jones Lang & LaSalle
Specialitet inom Glass- franchise Använder Dynamics för att köra online marknadskampanjer, erbjudanden och riktade e- mailutskick (Födelsedagsklubb) Webbformulär registrerar data direkt i databasen. Förstklassig Träningsklubb 200 användare Använder Dynamics för att identifiera trender, skapa skräddarsydda erbjudande (gym medlemskap) och initiera proaktiv kommunikation. Använder work-flow istället för tidigare pappersbaserade processer. Global fastighetsförvaltning 900 användare Slog samma separata databaser till en Dynamics DB för globala kundprofiler. Använder Dynamics för att göra behovsanalyser och skapa skräddarsydda kampanjer (Både lokalt och globalt) Segmenterar data för merförsäljning inom diverse kundbaser. Cold Stone Creamery Over 1,400 stores Wanted to branch out and expand past core customer base of kids Online Birthday Club program Over 1 million s from MS CRM every month Equinox Lots of VIP customers Predictive analytics They can now spot trends of people visiting their gyms that currently have another gym membership - if they see a lot of one gym coming in, they can immediately create a new promotion that targets them specifically Automated paper based processes (membership enrollment, etc.) Jones Lang LaSalle Chose Dynamics over and Siebel 160 offices, 22,000 employees Before MS CRM 15 disparate customer databases Did Partner Hosted pilot implementation then took it On-Premise Wanted to do campaigns across countries and transcend organization boundaries By merging 15 databases in MS CRM now can effectively do cross-sale/up-sale

22 Ready For a New Day Launch Tour 2007
4/3/ :53 PM Kund perspektiv “Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides us the ability to better serve our customers by delivering relevant communications and the innovative products they desire.” Cold Stone Creamery “Microsoft CRM is delivering Pumpkin Patch with more targeted and effective direct marketing campaigns, resulting in high levels of customer service and satisfaction.” Pumpkin Patch This slide can be read verbatim or flashed from a visual proof standpoint. In essence, this is a visual proof slide. Each quote was chosen with the intention of calling out specific differentiators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM such as seamless communications management, more accurate target selection and improved cross-selling and upselling. “Microsoft helps us understand not only our own capabilities, but also new opportunities we can present to clients, so that we can channel them more effectively” Jones Lang LaSalle

23 Kund ROI 95% minskning av tiden för att få fram kunddata
98% minskning av tiden som det tar att göra massutskick 184% ROI uppnådd inom 8 månader 100% nåbarhet till kunder via e-post istället för mail 650% ökning av medlemsantalet i födelsedags-programmet från 200,000 till 1.5 miljoner Kraftig minskning av marknadsföringskostnad per person. “Istället för att göra hundratals telefonsamtal så använder vi oss av Microsoft CRMS massutskicksfunktion. Snacka om att spara tid och pengar!” So after you have talked about our strong customer base, usage scenarios and key customer comments it is time to demonstrate the business benefits customers are getting from our solution. This slide includes some examples of MA related ROI benefits our customers are seeing. It should be noted that we are always looking for additional ROI data and we will continue to update this slide once new data becomes available.

24 Partnervägen till framgång
Software ochServices Partners för marknadsföring And lastly while we feel that we have a robust and compelling solution we realize that there may be specialized areas that we don’t fully address. The advantage of working with Microsoft is that we have a strong partner network that has invested significant time and money into developing solutions that extend the power of our MA capabilities. And that in turns allows us to provide an even more powerful solution. ExactTarget: Targeting Solutions Axonom Inc.: Enterprise-wide Relationship Automation Scribe: Data Import & Migration and Integration Solutions Million Handshakes: Dialogue Marketing and Control Group Solutions C360: Data Management, and Vertical Solutions Itara: Build out mind maps to organize concepts and thoughts Gap Consulting: Event Management Solutions Acxiom: Largest Data and List Wholesales in U.S.


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