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2 Säljverktyg driver företaget framåt
“Firms enjoying Best-in-Class (BIC) performance enable several key process, performance and organizational capabilities, including a structured approach to competitive, market and sales intelligence (91%), creating a central repository of account, contact, and opportunity information (96%) and utilizing formal and documented sales processes (95%).” Aberdeen Research “Companies that use lead management automation tools to connect sales and marketing will see an increase in conversion rates by 50%.” Gartner Group

3 Typiska utmaningar inom försäljning
Svårt att få igång från säljpersonalen Problem med konsistent genomförande av säljprocessen Låg produktivitet (kort tid som ägnas åt faktiskt försäljning) Opålitlig prospect/kund information Begränsat samarbete med andra grupper Adoption Adoption by sale reps. been a problem over the years (look at Siebel’s failed implementations) Sales people traditionally don’t like inputting data Often feel CRM systems are of limited value Productivity is key (related to above point) to increase adoption Execution and Collaboration Faster and more efficient sales processes are critical to increasing revenue Ned to get rid of paper based processes Better qualification reduces wasted cycles Unreliable Information Key issues are data accuracy and insight into the business (pipeline, forecasting) Traditionally been a problem and can have grave consequences Need to have tools that minimize duplications and ensure data accuracy Need to have dashboards and other intuitive info. geared for management that keeps them abreast of key KPIs real-time Productivity At the end of the day sales people need to sell Biggest value of CRM is reducing time spent on daily tasks And giving the sales person more time to close deals

4 Tankar från industrin “When we asked sales executives to rate their performance, we found that 60% sought improvement in forecasting, 50% wanted to improve their ability to adapt their sales process to marketplace change, and 49% rated their ability to identify and share best practices across the sales force as ‘subpar’.” CSO Insights According to Gartner Research, sales people spend only 45% of their time selling. The other 55% is spent on meetings, administrative tasks, account service,training, travel, research and intra-company communications.” Gartner Group “Leading firms embrace mobile CRM to improve productivity, increase system adoption and enhance the customer experience. Mobile CRM is now a must-do for many fields sales organizations.” Liz Herbert - Forrester Research

5 Förändra spelplanen inom försäljning
Förbättra de övriga 80% av säljpersonalen Omvandla varje kundinteraktion till en säljmöjlighet Ta bort fysiska gränser, eliminera “dötiden”


7 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Säljlösning
Säljfunktioner Komplett stöd Marknads Workflow Anpassad för Användare Chefer Ledning Total customer management is an regular operational process, and if it is as critical to your company strategy as I think it is, refining and tweaking your CRM should be done about as often you review your financials or sales funnel. The five steps above basically describe a typical implementation process. You align your organization and get everyone on the same page from a strategic and directional perspective. Then you look at every customer touchpoint you have across your organization, and you define how those touchpoints will work together to create the overall customer experience. Next, you find a CRM solution that is adaptable and flexible enough to support everything you’ve defined. Once this solution is implemented, you also go through the process of refining and adapting – both processes and technology – to get where you need to be. Now, here’s the kicker. Most companies stop after step 5. They don’t allocate people and dollars to total customer management on an annual basis. They forget that businesses, markets and customers change. The fact of the matter is, great companies – the ones whose customers love them – follow this process on a regular basis. They take responsibility for total customer management by partnering with a CRM vendor, rather than by relying on one. I’m here today to talk to you about why Consona is the ideal partner for your total customer management initiative.

8 “Revir Management” och Planering
Komplett stöd för säljplanering, revir management och resursallokering. Management Komponenter Revir definition Revid associering Grupper och behörigheter Fördela uppgifter Resurs Management Microsoft fördelar Källcenter där man kan dela med sig av erfarenheter Bra roll och grupp behörighet Möjligheter för teamförsäljning

9 Komponenter för Ledningen
Från att fånga, till att följa upp, utvärdera, kvalificera, konversera och massutskick. Komponenter för Ledningen Import av leads Kontroll av leads Prospects Kvalificering Fördelning och utskick Konversion Microsoft fördelar Automatiskt igenkänning av e-post till leads. Enkel överflyttning av leads till affärsmöjligheter Integrerarat med marknadsmöjligheter

10 Styrning av möjligheter
Komponenter för ledning Kontroll över vunna affärer Uppgiftshantering Ax-till-limpa kontroll över möjligheter med stark koppling till MS Office och enkelt workflow hantering som hjälper säljaren att stänga affären. Produkter och pris Workflow och regler Offer till order Microsoft fördelar Spårning av all associerad kommunikation. Stark workflow för att underlätta repetitiva arbetsmoment Omfattande Offert/Order funktionalitet

11 Komponenter för kundhantering
Kontroll av datakvalitet Kontaktuppgifter Följa upp relationer En koordinerad samsyn för att ta hand om existerade kunder och de möjligheter som finns på befintlig kund. Aktiviteter Sökning Koll på kontrakt Microsoft fördelar Komplett översikt över alla produkter och interaktioner Enkelt att nå kontrakt och hitta förnyelsedatum Håll koll på komplexa relationer

12 Komponenter för säljanalys
Helt spektrum av säljanalys möjligheter från enkla rapporter till OLAP/data mining. Komponenter för säljanalys Pipeline/Prognos rapporter Säljrapporter Rapportgenerator Historikanalys OLAP och data mining Microsoft fördelar Starkt analysverktyg Nya rapporter bara ett knapptryck bort Enkelt att dela och editera rapporter

13 Förbättra säljproduktiviteten
360° syn på kunden Upprepad säljprocess Konsistent Online/Offline upplevelse Enkel prognos och pipeline rapportering Maximera kundvärdet Förenklar snabba kontakter och skräddar-sydda aktiviteter. Ger högre effektivitet, lägre säljkostnader och bättre teamförsälj-ning. selling Ökar data konsistensen, produktivi-teten och lämnar mer tid åt försäljning Ger bättre prognos information för finansiell planering. Effektiv merförsäljning Storyline Large Conglomerates and Public Sector (national governments, agencies, etc…) Spin up new departments – think of SonyEricsson Customer Proofpoint Maccabi Health Services, H&R Block, Microsoft Statistics Fred Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect

14 Utvecklat av Microsoft
Kraftfull Work-flow hantering Familjär Outlook Client Smidigt att arbeta offline Drag och släpp-anpassningar Innehållsrik Business Intelligence At this point you have already talked about the Marketing Lifecycle (slide 8), provided details around each functional area and talked about the some of the sales scenarios those capabilities enable. This slide tries calls out some of the architectural differentiators and advantages that Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides. While these areas are not focused specifically on MA, they do enhance and elevate our Marketing capabilities which ultimately makes it a more compelling solution. This slide also set-ups the subsequent Benefits slides since many of these overarching advantages enable the benefits stated in the next section. Robust Workflow Geared for the business user, guided UI The inherent flexibility to use across groups/systems Native Outlook Client Familiar look-and-feel, intuitive navigation Automatic synchronization of communications and calendars Global Readiness Complete multi-lingual capabilities, over 20+ language versions Multi-time zone support, multi-currency across the application Point and Click Configuration End-user focused configuration tools (one-click configuration) Easily adapts to existing business environment Comprehensive Business Intelligence ·OOB Reports ·Dashboards ·OLAP Analysis and Data Mining


16 Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
360° översikt Högre produktivitet Ökad sälj effektivtet Ökad avsluts frekvens Översikt Över prospect, offerter, aktiviteter och kampanjer. Spendera mer tid med att sälja med bättre samarbete och konsistens genom hela organisationen. Förkora säljcykeln genom workflows och mer korrekt kunddata. Öka omsättning genom att optimera säljresurser och processer. SQL Pass Summit 2006

17 Framgångsfaktorer för sälj
VD Nå kundnöjdhetsmål Hitta nya inkomstmöjligheteter Uppnå insyn och klarhet i affärerna Hantera sälj KPI:s Öka säljpersonalens styrka och moral För fram en konsistent säljprocess Säljchef In the Contact Center, the key business leaders are: VP of Customer Service (or Chief Customer Officer in some cases)’ Contact Center Manager Agents and Supervisors VP-level (BDM) employees care about the strategic business impact that CRM can bring them. They care about market share gained, stock price increase, contact center as strategic tool, revenue earned, expense items reduced. Because MS is a recognized strategic vendor to these firms, their risk is reduced. Also, we can provide them a world-class platform to build their contact center that provides them flexibility, cost savings and ability to scale the business. Contact Center Managers care about operational issues like adhering to budget, meeting KPIs, keeping employees employed and not leaving the business, ramping up new agents, etc… These will most likely be your hardest constituency to sell because they want everything to be ready to go. Consider appealing to them from the top down (i.e. use VP to coach you) and from the bottom up (i.e. using Agents/Supervisors that work with them). Agents and Supervisors care mostly about the User Experience. Usually, they will like MS CRM and become advocates. Their voice is listened to because they have to use it everyday. Leverage them in the process of making a sale. Kund-ansvarig Förbättra den personliga produktiviteten Uppnå en holistisk syn på kundbehov Spåra kundens kommunikation och interaktion

18 Framgångsfaktorer för IT
CIO Snabba tidsvinster på en gång Låg kostnad för ägandeskap Konsistent IT arkitektur och standard IT Projekt Team Anpassningsbart till företaget vid utv. och förändring Enkelt att integrera med existerande applikationer/data Öka kraften med Dynamics CRM CIOs care about driving down their costs, providing agility to the business and generally keeping to consistent architecture. CIOs are in the business of risk mitigation and providing service. If MS is a standard in their business, building their contact center with MS CRM is a great opportunity. IT Project team can win by providing the users with ability to meet the exact specifications that users provide. Business Analysts will often report to the business-side of the house but be more IT-oriented. Focus on workflow and reporting. The key to winning them over is to focus on the fact that they can design workflows & business processes in Titan easily and effectively. Secondarily, with Titan, the business analyst can use canned reports, build sophisticated customer reports or even use advanced analytics to measure the business performance. Affärs analytiker Anpassningsbart till de alltid föränderliga affärsbehoven Spåra nyckeltal och workflows över avdelningsgränser Förbättra relevansen via drag och släpp anpassning


20 Global kundbas Små företag Medelstora företag Koncerner
4/3/2017 6:14 PM Global kundbas Små företag Medelstora företag Koncerner

21 Kunder som kör CRM Raymond James Best Buy For Business CH2MHill
Placering av förmögenheter 3300 användare Använder Microsoft Dynamics CRM för att sälja konsulttjänster. Hjälper dem att fokusera på att bygga en stark relation med ekonomiska rådgivare. Detaljhandel inom teknik 225 användare Använder Microsoft Dynamics CRM för att stärka B2B försäljningen Hjälper dem att fokusera på att förbättra produktiviteten hos säljrepresentanter. Ingenjörsverksamhet 2,500 användare Använder Microsoft Dynamics CRM som ett koncernöversiktligt CRM- system Hjälper dem att fokusera på system integration och komplex CRM Raymond James One of the leading wealth management company Using MS CRM to build stronger relationship with financial advisors See CRM as an way to differentiate amongst companies offering similar services (i.e. hard to differentiate on products) Very much focused on 1:1 relationships Sales process is not cookie-cutter, consultative selling Best Buy B2B side of BestBuy, work with consultants who service SOHO/Small Biz Internal retail system not flexible enough to work for B2B side Aimed at giving sales force more data, info. about customers Improving productivity (MS Office integration) Fast implementation was key Benefits include expanded service portfolio ability to support complex sales cycle CH2M Selected Dynamics over Siebel and Used across sales, marketing and service but focus is on SFA View MS CRM as enterprise-class product Unifying and integrating disparate back-end systems was key Much lower TCO than other solutions in market

22 Ready For a New Day Launch Tour 2007
4/3/2017 6:14 PM Kundperspektiv “It’s given our advisors a daily discipline for pursuing leads and more time for personal relationships with people. We can identify our best sales people and leverage their best practices” Equinox “One of the things that really attracted us to Microsoft CRM is that, combined with Microsoft Outlook, it’s just like one product. In anything else, you’d be duplicating efforts in two separate products.” Whistler Tourism “As the CEO of a global company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows me to log in to all of our remote sites to get a snapshot of what’s going on. I can get a real-time snapshot of what any of my business units are doing, any day of the week.” Commtech Wireless © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

23 Kund ROI 95% minskning av tiden för att få fram kunddata
98% minskning av tiden som det tar att göra massutskick 184% ROI uppnådd inom 8 månader 100% nåbarhet till kunder via e-post istället för mail 650% ökning av medlemsantalet i födelsedags-programmet från 200,000 till 1.5 miljoner Kraftig minskning av marknadsföringskostnad per person. “Istället för att göra hundratals telefonsamtal så använder vi oss av Microsoft CRMS massutskicksfunktion. Snacka om att spara tid och pengar!” So after you have talked about our strong customer base, usage scenarios and key customer comments it is time to demonstrate the business benefits customers are getting from our solution. This slide includes some examples of MA related ROI benefits our customers are seeing. It should be noted that we are always looking for additional ROI data and we will continue to update this slide once new data becomes available.

24 Partnervägen till framgång
Software ochServices Partners för marknadsföring And lastly while we feel that we have a robust and compelling solution we realize that there may be specialized areas that we don’t fully address. The advantage of working with Microsoft is that we have a strong partner network that has invested significant time and money into developing solutions that extend the power of our MA capabilities. And that in turns allows us to provide an even more powerful solution. ExactTarget: Targeting Solutions Axonom Inc.: Enterprise-wide Relationship Automation Scribe: Data Import & Migration and Integration Solutions Million Handshakes: Dialogue Marketing and Control Group Solutions C360: Data Management, and Vertical Solutions Itara: Build out mind maps to organize concepts and thoughts Gap Consulting: Event Management Solutions Acxiom: Largest Data and List Wholesales in U.S.


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