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Eds Bruk, Tillverkning Since 1670.

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1 Eds Bruk, Tillverkning Since 1670

2 Vem är vi ?!, Who are we !? Edsbruk was originally founded in the year 1670 as a cast iron manufacturer. This changed in the mid 1850´s as steel production became more industrialised and the method of manufacture developed. Edsbruk then became a Papermill and continued as such up till The mechanical works side started around this time and has since then gone through changes until a restart to the whole company was launched in January 2009. The workshop is well equipped for medium sized Metalworks suited for complicated constructions along with a ability to quickly remodel the shop floor, make us a adaptable manufacturer. Agriculture, Mining, Waste disposal, Shipyards, Forrest machinery and more, have made the company used to very quickly changing scenarios. Vacuum waste products have been manufactured and developed on site for over a decade and many different variations of the products have occurred over the years. The staff is a good mix of young and old, dedicated to the company. We are looking to slowly expand the business up to a level we believe will be sustainable and manageable. Costumer relations are paramount and our goal is to build a steady client base, keeping personal contacts and maintaining quality and time as our main goal.

3 Var finns vi ?,Where are we ?

4 Vår Fabrik, Our Factory Our factory in Gamleby is well equipped and is capable of handling products up to 20 tons in weight indoors.

5 Maskiner, Equipment Laser Gas Plasma

6 Maskiner, Equipment Apart from machinery shown can we offer,
Wetpaint shop - Machine worked materials – Welding - Cutting

7 Saker vi gör, Things we do

8 Saker vi gör, Things we do

9 Saker vi gör, Things we do

10 Maskin lista, Equipment list
Kantpress Beyeler RT, 300x4100 Ringbock Irle D591 Dragpress Fjällman 1500x1000x700, 250 ton Hydraulpress, 2 x 50 ton Kallcirkelsåg Kaltenbach KKS 400 Ringbock Backteman RV-2H 100x25 Verktygsslipmaskin Cinzinatti Bandslipmaskin VM 75x2000 Bandslipmaskin Aldell 75x2000 Svetskran ESAB LCA 800, längdsvetsfixture Svetslägesställare Ljushem Minor 2 st Gasskärningsmaskin ESAB Kombirex CXC P 3500 Bockningsmaskin Kumla DVH 7 1 st Lyftbord 3 ton 5 st lyftbord 2 ton 2 st Travers 10 ton spännvidd 20 m, 2-balk 1 st Travers 2 ton, spännvidd 10 m, 1-balk Bandsåg AMADA med automatbord Bandslip Svede Grinder 12 st svetsagregat Mig/Mag m.fl. Planslip Malcus, 1980 Bockmaskin Euromac PB 350S, 1990 Supportsvarv Rivol 16"x2000 Supportsvarv Moriseiki 10"x150 Pelarborr Z5025-1A Fräs Niigata 3UM, digital, 3-axlad Flerop.maskin Beaver UC15 Kilspårmaskin Rausch Borrmaskin ASEA, 6-spindlig Radialborrmaskin Carlton Pelarborrmaskin Solberga SE1235 Karusellsvarv Profilia, Ø 1200 Pelarborr Walter Woltel med rundmatningsbord Aborrverk S Rocco 900x900 digital NC svarv Storebro STB-6000 Pelarslip KEF/Aldell Kantbockmaskin Promecan RG, 25 ton Rundvalsmaskin Kumla 1500x8mm Gradsax Dartey, mm svart, 15 mm RF

11 Kontakt information, Contacts
Administration, Information Produktion, Planering, Priser Elsie Bergström Ulf Bergh Tele Tele 0439 – Ledning Peter Le Veau Mobil Adress Eds Bruk Holding AB Vallåkra gatan 10 Gamleby Fax Org nummer Välkomna !

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